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Version History

PRO Theme Changelog & Version

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Version 2.0 - July 2016

  • New version release.
  • Compatible upgrades with Version 1.6 & below
  • Re-coded all plugins (NEW)
  • Re-designed shopping cart views (NEW)
  • Improved checkout flow & form validations.
  • Optimized all add-ons.
  • Minimized setup for quicker installs.
  • Updated product/post images display.
  • Added auto create dropdown navigation  (NEW).
  • New responsive framework (NEW).
  • Improved mouse/touch/swipe image slider with helper upload (NEW).
  • Improved product attributes data display.
  • Improved related products (NEW).
  • Improved social sharing features.
  • Added unlimited product by Label/category display w/ view options.
  • Ads section added (NEW).
  • Added built in theme documentation references.
  • Included Blogger Template Designer settings (NEW).
  • Compatible to install currency options on checkout
  • Compatible to install shipping zoning checkout.

Version 1.0 - August 2014

FREEMIUM Theme Changelog & Version

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Version 2.0 - Available for Instant Download!

COMPLIMENTARY Theme Changelog & Version

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Version 2.0 - Now Available!

  • Download & feel good! Thank you for the tremendous response & contributions.
  • Theme attribution/author links removed with license!
  • Human read able plugins!
  • [BONUS] Product status display..
  • [BONUS] Edit able text handlers.
  • [BONUS] Activated cart select options.
  • [BONUS] Price display at featured sections.
  • [BONUS] Unlimited featured section display.

Documentation Changelog & Version

Version 2.1 - 28 July 2016

  • Removed unused tutorials.
  • Cleaning up

Version 2.0- July 2016

  • Published for Version 2.0

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