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BlogrCart Butik Versions

Blogger Template Details
Freemium PRO
Responsive Blogger Template
HTML5/CSS3 lightweight & displays in smaller screen sizes.
Yes Yes
Drop Down Main Navigation
Optimised for mobile navigation pre-installed.
Yes Yes
Shopping Cart Ready
Full featured cart with summary.
Yes Yes
Product Page
Custom product page with product thumbnails.
Yes Yes & optimised
Slide Down Cart View.
Immediate access to selected items in any page.
Yes Yes
Product Gallery Display
Custom product gallery display with image links.
Yes Yes & optimised
Paypal Checkout
Pre-installed. World's most loved way to pay on-line.
Yes Yes
Send Order Email
Unlimited use & access 24/7, 7d/week, 365/year.
Yes Yes
Responsive Image Slider
Fully responsive & lightweight image slider.
Yes Yes
Homepage Click to Action
Display current products with CTA buttons pre-installed.
Yes Yes
Optimization Ready
Custom header & meta tags included.
Partial Full
Social Icons Ready
Custom social icons pre-installed.
4 icons Up to 11 icons
Subscribe via Email
Pre-installed using Google Feedburner services.
Yes Yes
On-line Payment Icons
Pre-installed with coloured hover effect.
6 icons Up to 16 icons
Custom Product Search Bar
Pre-installed with automatic query display.
Yes Yes
Breadcrumbs Navigational Links
Tested & works on major search engine results (optimizations)
No Yes
Related Products
Added user experience at any product page.
No Yes
Select by Size/Color Options
Pre-installed added user experience while shopping.
No Yes
Cart Items Link to Page
Easy update selected item at product page from cart.
No Yes
Product Image Tags
Easy tag products with NEW, OFFER, SOLD.
No Yes
Form Validation Plug-in
Pre-installed HTML5+Jquery form validation.
No Yes
Social Sharing Services
Optimised pre-installed social sharing without leaving site.
No Yes
Sample Pages/Product Post
Easy published sample pages with 1 click file upload included.
No Yes
Tutorial Install & Customization
Dedicated page for easy template install with codes & illustrations.
No Yes
Comments & Reviews
Use default Blogger comments system as review section.
Yes Yes
Pop-up Alert Add to Cart
Added user experience while shopping at site.
No Yes
Google Fonts Ready
Personalised header title fonts & blog store titles.
Yes Yes & Optimised
Add to Cart Sliding Effect
Pre-installed added user experience.
Yes Yes
404 Page Not Found
Pre-installed added user search experience.
No Yes
Template Usage
Permissions for commercial & personal use.
Yes Yes
Full licence & credit removal. One time fee for life use!
No Yes
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